Hey Guys!

Since I'm not updating everything in here anymore, I'd advise you to follow my Art tumblr, mostly updated :)

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Purple Coat

Hey long time no see!
 I quite left this place rotting a bit ..sorry! Spent the last months working hard on different projects, and my showreel.
Time for an update with my most recent design done for a short, and some character explorations I did a month ago for a tv series. Hopefully I'll be able to show you the final designs soon enough.

Trench P, digital 2014

And completely out of my comf. zone .. mouses! ..yup .Too bad you cannot see the colored explorations and designs yet , but just some preliminary roughs that started the whole process,


First snowball of 2014

Hey everyone ! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy working on CG projects ( The Rabbids amusement park show not to name it ) and let the place dusty ,

So I wish to all of you a very happy new year, may it be better than the last one, filled with good health, hope, love and all those good intents that are never too much. 

And as a new year comes in, and despite the lack of snow where I'm staying right now, I got some seasonal inspiration ! Enjoy it and thanks for following my work in 2013 , hope I'll make it better this year ,

This one is a bit rough but I'm starting working on an iPad + Wacom stylus combo , and stuff like Procreate .
 I must say I'm quite impressed though it's taking me some practice to handle it as easily as my usual workflow. And add some nice challenges like the  layers limited to only 7... Helps focusing on painting rather than PS tricks !Back to practicing 

Snowball ! Digital,2014


All around me

Hipgirl , 2013. Digital
Backpack Hipster , 2013. Digital

Haaa, Hipsters. they'll never cease to amaze me . The 90's/fake punk and neon bad taste  look is back kids. Let's all put on our tie-dye sweater yeah .
Supposed "warm up" doodle, put took much more time than they should for some unplanned training purposes. Nothing original in here ...
 Anyways examples of what I could see around here. I guess I'm one of them anyway, and I'm dealing with it !

Maybe more to come, I don't have much time these days .



Surprise ! Digital 2013

Just a morning warm up doodle, that turned into a quick paint. She looks like a mix of my character P. and my Sexy Jambon illustration . And made me thought of a surprise photo , hence the frame .
Doing daily doodles now, I'll update the blog each and every day !


A tribute .. The Barber

The Barber. Digital, 2013

After months of CG work, sketching and a very huge inspiration lack ( or should I say, this kind of emotionnaly-procrastinating- art block stuff ) , it seems  life events, and  especially the wonderful exhibition of Devin Crane's work at Gallery Arludik in Paris, brought back my will, inspiration . The flame is back !

So as a tribute to the wonderful fashion-meets-cartoon art of the talented Mr Crane, here is one of two pictures I've been working on, as my own take on sexy cartoon fashion-inspired artwork, and as some kind of tribute. Thanks for bringing back the passion ! 

Btw if you're in Paris, go check that exhibition before it's over . Sutnning paintings, sketches , and especially that HUGE wonderful painting of his ;

This piece just blow my mind . Litteraly. Go check it out at Gallery Arludik


Free Wheel

Hey guys!

Long time no see hey! I'm quite busy with my profesionnal life working as a CG artist in Paris.

But after a long year hidden, here is our graduation movie FREEWHEEL finally fully online ( HD version still uploading though ! Will update it soon !)

Please share the world about it, spread the word, and if you want to see some of our concept art for the movie don't hesitate to visit our team member's blogs , and check this section