Heat it Up!

The Danger of Heat

(Original 21*42cm paper , turquoise and red mechanical pencil 0.7mm 2mm)

Beware of hi-tech mini-bomb!
Initially started as a floating head , and a model like girl , and turned into explosion , mercenaries and movie ad composition . FUN!
Thanx to my teammate William   for giving me the idea of turning the flying head girl into some Hi-tech spy device !

4 commentaires:

  1. Tu n'avoueras donc jamais que c'est ma création...je suis déçu! ;) ahahaha

  2. Et bien si! tu verras que j'ai rectifier le tir , parce que je le vaux bien !

  3. Thanks a lot Celine , your work is amazing I'm glad to get such nice feedback from you !