Red hot and blond cold

Two quickly done colored protrait , no lineart/sketches only colorblocking and details .
Deux speed , portraits en couleurs fait directement à la couleur sans sketch préalable .


Scheiße !



Rock chick

Illustration d'un personnage commandée récemment . Une nana très rock'n' roll ! 
Commissioned illustration of a rock chick character , really enjoyed doing it . 
Outfit inspired by J.Scott 2011-2012 summer collection fyi.  


Morning Sketching


(is better than morning stretching)

New sketchbook , so blank pages . It was time to fill it up a bit . Done this morning. 
Qui dit nouveau carnet , dit pages vides , il était temps de le remplir un peu . Voilà la fournée de ce matin


Live fast , Die partying !

Livestream session de ce soir , basé sur un croquis fait sur une couverture de sketchbook que j'ai décidé de mettre en couleur au final =) Rien de particulier , juste un thème sex, drugs & rock'n'roll!

Le sketchbook  , endroit , envers

Tonight's livestream session . Started as a sketch on my new sketchbook cover and end up as a colored illustration just for fun with no particular topic . Just sex, drugs & rock'n'roll!

Girl's clothes inspired by addias X J.Scott collection, leggings inspired by JCDC F/W2010 , man trousers , original , to coordinate with the chick outfit .


Wondaland , wondaland

As a contest price , I was asked to "redesign" in my way , an Alice in wonderland like character .
I just went crazy on that , and took it as a modern twist with freaky fashion inside .

Maybe I'll do a whole collection around that topic of "tales" If i had time , one day .


Had fun wih that , Fake ad t-shirt , rabbit plushie head shoulders patchs ,  Lots of casio Baby-G watches , and keyhole pattern .

More to come ...