All around me

Hipgirl , 2013. Digital
Backpack Hipster , 2013. Digital

Haaa, Hipsters. they'll never cease to amaze me . The 90's/fake punk and neon bad taste  look is back kids. Let's all put on our tie-dye sweater yeah .
Supposed "warm up" doodle, put took much more time than they should for some unplanned training purposes. Nothing original in here ...
 Anyways examples of what I could see around here. I guess I'm one of them anyway, and I'm dealing with it !

Maybe more to come, I don't have much time these days .



Surprise ! Digital 2013

Just a morning warm up doodle, that turned into a quick paint. She looks like a mix of my character P. and my Sexy Jambon illustration . And made me thought of a surprise photo , hence the frame .
Doing daily doodles now, I'll update the blog each and every day !


A tribute .. The Barber

The Barber. Digital, 2013

After months of CG work, sketching and a very huge inspiration lack ( or should I say, this kind of emotionnaly-procrastinating- art block stuff ) , it seems  life events, and  especially the wonderful exhibition of Devin Crane's work at Gallery Arludik in Paris, brought back my will, inspiration . The flame is back !

So as a tribute to the wonderful fashion-meets-cartoon art of the talented Mr Crane, here is one of two pictures I've been working on, as my own take on sexy cartoon fashion-inspired artwork, and as some kind of tribute. Thanks for bringing back the passion ! 

Btw if you're in Paris, go check that exhibition before it's over . Sutnning paintings, sketches , and especially that HUGE wonderful painting of his ;

This piece just blow my mind . Litteraly. Go check it out at Gallery Arludik


Free Wheel

Hey guys!

Long time no see hey! I'm quite busy with my profesionnal life working as a CG artist in Paris.

But after a long year hidden, here is our graduation movie FREEWHEEL finally fully online ( HD version still uploading though ! Will update it soon !)

Please share the world about it, spread the word, and if you want to see some of our concept art for the movie don't hesitate to visit our team member's blogs , and check this section http://florianpichon.blogspot.fr/p/visual-development.html


2013 Portfolio in progress!

Still in progress, but wanted to update it a bit, so here is the first half! ( other part coming soon, and then onto website redesign !)


D'ici là

Awake- 2012, Digital

Been away quite a long time .. but I got many new things to put up here ( just need some more time to scan, edit etc) . Until then, cheating a lot by posting something from last summer.
It's not my style to speak about myself, and I won't do any different this time. But that's a more personnal piece I've done.
Recent events just made me want to pin this piece somewhere, look at it, and move on to something new. And bright I hope! No intentions to be whining or such. I guess that's just the way things goes, people entering , crossing or leaving your life and taking the most of it surely is a key.

See you soon for some real projects and sketches!



Some characters explorations I've recently made for an ongoing project . More to come soon !


Quelques explorations graphiques autour de personnages pour un projet sur lequel je planche en ce moment. Bientôt la suite !



2nd on 12 illustrations I'm making as flyers & posters for some electronic show for a local band I know.
Soon ,  lot of sketches when I'll find a way to scan them !


Une petite up' avec une des 12 pinups pour des flyers que je réalise en ce moment ... en attendant que je scan la masse de sketchs qui trainent et que je ferais bien de poster ici un jour prochain!


Hard Metal, Vampires & Misc.

J'ai un peu déserté le navire ce dernier mois ( pleins de rebondissements, etc etc.) mais me revoilà avec une petite fournée de croquis des semaines passées. Au programme, de tout et de rien, des métalleux plus ou moins gras , et des vampires , plus ou moins kitsch!
( Du plus récent au plus vieux ).
PS: J'ai enfin branché mon scanner. Vos yeux auront moins mal ...

I've been away for a little while ( lots of things to deal with, events & such) but here I am again, with some new sketch pages done over a few weeks. Starting with random characters, hard rock/metal lovers and oh-so-cliché vampires! Sorted from newest to oldest.


Daily G.Is !

Daily sketches- 11.01.13 #1

Daily sketches- 11.01.13  Miltary #1

Daily sketches- 12.01.13 Military  #2

Daily sketches- 13.01.13  Military #3

For now on, I'm keeping my "1 sketch a day" resolution pretty well. Here are the pages from 01/11 to 01/13 .. and they are quite full ! Not my best though , but I'm so glad to be able to get back to a healthy drawing routine! Letting the lines flow !

"Military" was a topic given on the 11th ..and went on with it until today! Not my usual topic and I'm glad Poypoy gave it to me. I'll surely give it a try more often! Military was fun to try, and that soldier girl came out from nowhere but seems to have some guts! Named her G.I. Jane !


Pour le moment la résolution du "1 croquis par jour" tiens bien la route! Voilà donc les pages du 11 au 13 ... plutôt remplies! Loin d'être les meilleures ou des illustrations "complètes" elles ont le mérite de me ramener à un rythme de dessin qui fait du bien ! On lâche les lignes!
Le thème "militaire" m'a été lancé par Poypoy , et j'avoue avoir bien aimer tester ca. Ca me sort de mes pinups et thèmes rétro de prédilections. Je pense bien gratter encore quelques pages de soldiers un de ses 4. Surtout qu'est sorti de nul part cette nana soldat qui a l'air d'en avoir! On la surnommera du coup G.I. Jane !


Daily Rough!

Happy new Year 2013 to all of you!

In order to start this brand new year , I'll try to stick to a simple resolution : drawing a page a day and post it here with my other stuff ... My close friends, significant other and watching Wreck-it ralph and other animated movies brought me back to drawing ! At least!